Sporting Hands Massage Therapy

"Your Helping Hand in Performance"

About Us


Sporting Hands is your helping hand in performance.


Massage can help to prevent injury, recover from injury and maintenance from a previous injury or due to intense training.


Located within Central Wellington Medical Clinic, Sporting Hands is here to suit your needs as a athlete of any form,  to help you get the best optimal performance from your body.


Having a slight niggle or even an old injury can affect your performance without you even realizing it!  Our aim is to get your optimal performance out of your body. 

Massage not only improves a muscles functionality but it also improves vascular function which is important for any sporting athlete with training and recovering.


Whether it be massage you are after or even nutritional information leading up to an event, Sporting Hands can help you. 


Nutrition plays a large role in your optimal performance. Feeding your body with the right fuels before an event is important and something that not every one is aware of. It can be from the simplest of things like water intake to eating the right foods at the right time.


So take the step to striving for your optimal performance!



So contact us today to either enquirer about our service or arrange an appointment time.